The drive that challenges you to move forward in the real estate game.
Providing you the most comprehensive real estate sales training.
A new look in life, for you and your clients.
Meeting people from all around , in and outside the company.
Moving lives, your clients and yours for a BETTER FUTURE.

We make everyone in PropleaguePlus have passion in their work and the willingness to learn. We incorporate fun into work thus a lot of activities has been set up for for everyone in our teams.

We train each and every one in PropleaguePlus to take a serious look at the professionalism that we do. We educate, train, equip everyone with knowledge and skills so that you can train your mind and body to do the action you need to do for the job.

Each and every one of us will have our perspective in our lives change. In Propleague, we have to see the vision that we want in our life. Have a balanced lifestyle and aim to that goal that we wish to aim.

Networking is our greatest strength to know more people. They can come from many aspects in our lives and with the current advancement of technology, communicating with people is easier. Thus creating a new channel for meeting new friends and even clients.

Lastly, the progress you go through in PropleaguePlus will grow from the ground and reaching as far up as you can. How you grow in a company is crucial to us and most importantly, to prove how much you can grow in life.